Open the Door to New Adventures

Why choose a travel assignment?

Are you looking for great pay, endless opportunities, and limitless adventures? A travel assignment can give you the career enhancement and personal fulfillment you’re craving for. Whether you want to explore the lush green forests of California, swim the crystal beaches of Hawaii, walk the Magnificent Mile in the great city of Chicago, or experience diverse environments and cultures – we promise there’s an incredibly enriching experience waiting for you.

Why work with Alliance Healthcare Solutions?

With the increasing demand for healthcare workers across the globe we can help you plan your travel assignments with ease. When you plan your travel career with us you get unique opportunities and flexibility to pursue careers that fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

Earn above industry standard compensation

Benefits available to AHS workers

Flexibility to work as much or as little as you want

Experience different places and cultures

Support communities across the nation

Further develop clinical skills

Experience new coworkers

Exposure to top healthcare facilities

Red carpet treatment from your recruiter

Say “YES” to Adventure!

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