Employment Verification

A guide to Employment Verification through The Work Number.

All employees can receive employment verification through our new verification provider, The Work Number. You must know the name of the company (Alliance Solutions Group is our parent company and the company name you need to provide) and our company code (17245) to complete a verification.

Online Verification Process

The fastest way to receive a verification is by visiting The Work Number.

1. Visit https://theworknumber.com/view-my-data-sign-up

2. Click on “Sign Up” (Unless you already have an account, then log in)

3. Enter your employer code (17245) for Alliance Solutions Group and Search. Then hit “Select Employer”.

4. If this is your first time visiting, follow the instructions to register yourself on The Work Number. If you already have an account set up, you can just log in.

5. Select “Employment Data Report” to receive an immediate verification of your time of employment and complete payroll history.


Phone Verifications

If you’d rather call in, dial 866-604-6572 and Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. You will be led through an automated menu to receive your verification. You can say “help” at any time to speak to a customer service representative.


For Government Agencies Only

If you are a government agency, please call 800-660-3399 to receive an employment verification.

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