Impact Of Overtime: Why You Should Have Per Diem Nurses Available

Per Diem Nurses

We’ve all been there; hour 13 of what seems to be the longest work day of your career. You’re feeling tired and run down, ready to get some rest. For some occupations, these long shifts are undesirable, but not deadly. Among nurses, these long hours can be detrimental to the level of care administered to patients. Staffing per diem nurses can make all the difference.

Per Diem Nursing Staff

It’s a good idea to keep a per diem nursing staff on hand at your healthcare facility to take over when shifts are too long. Though per diem nurses may need to be paid a higher hourly salary than other nurses, they are not on a permanent contract and do not need to be offered benefits. These nurses allow your core staff to work reasonable shifts. Per diem nurses do not lack in skill or certification, meaning you won’t have to worry about the quality of care patients will be treated with.

Employee Wellness

Employee burnout is common and in many cases, can result in employees needing time off work and or medical attention for themselves. If nurses at your facility are continually working long shifts and a lot of overtime, they may begin to notice health issues. Extreme overtime takes a mental and physical toll on employees. Working too much overtime can cause depression levels to rise and can cause uninterested employees to do sub-par work. Too much overtime also causes nurses to be run down, leading to immune system compromises. Nurses must be happy and healthy to ensure patients are getting the highest quality, safest care possible.

Patient Satisfaction

According to GE Healthcare, patients ranked satisfaction lower when under the care of nurses who had worked 13 hours or longer. That being said, quality of care significantly declines as overtime increases, and patients notice. Now more than ever, patient satisfaction is key in running a successful healthcare facility. With online review websites, social media and internet access, prospective patients have the ability to research your facility and take note of others’ experiences. If patients are receiving low caliber care because of overworked nurses, that will reflect in their review, leading others to become weary of your facility.

If you care about the wellbeing of your employees and patients, keeping per diem nurses on staff can benefit the facility in a multitude of ways. If you are looking for per diem nurses, contact an Alliance Healthcare Solutions recruiter and benefit from our bench of on-demand nurses.

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