Why A Nursing Conference Is Worth Your Time And Money

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Have you ever been to a nursing conference or convention? If your answer is no, you may want to make that a professional goal for 2018! Here are a few of the benefits that come from attending a nursing conference:

  • Earn Continuing Education Credits
  • To keep your nursing license up-to-date, many states require continuing education credits (CEUs). Most sessions at nursing conferences offer CEUs for attending. Conferences are a great way to obtain these required education credits because you are able to concentrate on the topics you are passionate about.

Grow Your Knowledge and Skills

As a nurse, you must stay on top of the always-evolving medical landscape. There are constantly changes in education, technology, medicine and research. Attending nursing conferences is a great way to learn new things and always keep refreshing your skills.

Expand Your Network

Conferences are great spaces to network. You will meet nurses from different areas, and sharing experiences at conferences can lead to lasting connections. In addition to building your network, you will also have your eyes opened to new ways of thinking and new practices from nurses in other areas, with different backgrounds to improve your own practice. Networking also means you can help others learn from your experiences.

Bring Knowledge Back to Share

Attending meetings and conferences arm you with a new wealth of knowledge to bring back home with you. Collect conference materials, snap photos and take notes to share with your colleagues and it will show that you are serious about your career and advancing your education as well as your team’s education.

Learning, networking and even some fun (who doesn’t love to travel now and then?) are all great reasons to attend a nursing conference! Don’t have the funds to go yourself? Consider asking your management if they will cover some, if not all, of the expense. Hospitals and other employers are sometimes willing to pay for trips to conferences to help you advance your career.

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