STNA Testing: Certification And Opportunities

STNA Testing: Certification And Opportunities

A State Tested Nursing Assistant, or STNA, works in medical settings as an entry-level aide mainly responsible for delivering basic care and assistance to residents of nursing homes, hospitals, and more. To obtain STNA certification, you must pass a set of classes and a test. STNA certification is not a challenging process and can be a gateway to good career options.

How do you become an STNA?

To become a certified STNA, you must complete 75 hours of training, some in the classroom and some in clinical rounds. STNA courses are offered in various locations all across Ohio. There are also options to complete the courses partly online. After finishing the courses and filling all of the requirements, you are able to register with the Ohio Department of Health to take the certification exam. Directions on registering, completing and paying for the certification exam should be a part of the training courses.

What material is covered in the training?

During the STNA training, students will undergo classes with information on patient conduct, safety, basic nursing skills, data skills and many other important areas of information. Outside of the classroom, students will receive training on how to apply their knowledge and work in a real world setting. The hands-on experience paired with the classroom learning prepares students to work and succeed in the healthcare field as an STNA.

What are the requirements to become an STNA?

The requirements to enroll in STNA courses vary from location to location. The most common requirements are to be at least 17 years of age, to pass a background and physical check and to have received certain vaccines. Though most STNA certification classes don’t require a GED or high school diploma, a lot of employers require high school education or equivalent when applying to STNA jobs.

What are STNA duties?

Most STNA’s are tasked with helping patients to the restroom and assisting in personal hygiene needs. Other duties include assisting patients with meals and day-to-day activities. Basic nursing duties like cleaning instruments or changing bandages may also fall under the STNA job description.

What jobs can you get with an STNA certification?

As an STNA, you are a certified medical assistant and will provide basic care under supervision of a licensed medical provider. STNA’s are hired at hospitals, long term care facilities and other facilities where medical care is provided. The starting salary for most STNA jobs is above minimum wage with the opportunity to grow and advance. STNA certified workers are usually in high demand.

A job as an STNA can open doors and jump-start a lifelong healthcare industry career. If you are looking for an STNA job, contact an Alliance Healthcare Solutions recruiter to assist in your search.

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