Are Per Diem Nurses More Cost-Efficient Than Full-Time Nurses?

Are Per Diem Nurses More Cost Efficient Than Full-Time Nurses?

Hospitals across the country are faced with the dilemma of either staffing their facility with enough full-time nurses to cover any and all shifts, or to use per diem nurses to their advantage. A recent study from KPMG revealed per diem nurses are less of an expense to a hospital per day. The study took into account all expenses, like paid overtime and paid time off. Are per diem nurses more cost-effective?

Day-to-day cost

Even if your healthcare facility pays per diem nurses a slightly higher hourly wage, there are onboarding, medical plan and paid time off costs to factor in. Once those are factored into the equation, per diem nurses are a cheaper option. When full-time employees work overtime, it can be very expensive for a hospital. Per diem nurses help to solve that problem by staffing shifts so that full-time nurses can leave on time and the organization doesn’t have to pay inflated wages.

More flexible

Being cost-effective is a huge benefit and reason enough to bring per diem nurses onto your staff, but there are a lot of other benefits as well. The flexibility of these nurses helps to ensure there will be no gaps in a schedule. Since you are bringing temporary nurses on, rather than full-time nurses, there is no need to worry you are insufficiently staffing your healthcare facility. Per diem nurses also prevent full-time nurses from working too much overtime that is sometimes dangerous.

Culture Benefits

The culture of your healthcare facility is sure to improve when all shifts are covered and none of the staff is over-or-under-scheduled. Per diem nurses will keep the culture upbeat and non-competitive. With a healthy, productive culture, turnover decreases. Low turnover rates lead to less money spent on retaining and training new hires. Overall, a superb workplace culture leads to money saved.

After all costs are accounted for, per diem nurses can save healthcare facilities a significant amount of money. If your facility isn’t already using per diem nurses, it’s time to take a look at the benefits they would provide.

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