Offer Rewards And Save Money While Covering Open Shifts

Offer Rewards and Save Money While Covering Open Shifts

Healthcare facilities have been known to offer monetary incentives when employees agreed to cover open shifts. While that may be enough to initially get staff in the door, it might not be an effective long-term solution. A lot of healthcare facilities have started to use reward programs to fill these shifts and maintain coverage, and it’s been a major success.

Why should you adopt a rewards system?

If you are struggling to fill unpopular shifts, implementing a reward system can motivate employees to come in when you need them. A rewards system offers many advantages over time, versus a one-time monetary bonus. A rewards system can help add to the culture of an organization and create fun competition between employees.

How does a rewards system work?

Each rewards system is different, and if you use a program like ShiftRewards, it will be set up as a point system. Every time an employee covers a tricky shift, they get a number of points. Employees can accumulate points and trade them as they please for rewards like concert tickets, electronics, jewelry, gift cards, and more. This gives employees more flexibility to choose how they would like to be rewarded for good work.

What else can the rewards system be used for?

Depending on the system your facility implements, reward points or actual dollar amounts can be given out for an array of tasks. If employees are doing a great job and a manager heard a good review or saw exceptional work, they have the ability to give that employee a certain number of points. Some facilities give out reward points on birthdays, holidays, or for attending after-hours events that have to do with healthcare.

What are some proven benefits of systematic rewards programs for employees?

According to online-rewards, rewards programs do a lot more than fill open shifts. These programs help generate open conversations throughout the workplace. According to Nelson Research, 99.4 percent of employees expect to be recognized for good work. Rewards programs help improve staff retention by offering personalized recognition that is meaningful to each employee.

If you are looking for employees to fill all your open shifts immediately (even without a rewards program), contact an Alliance Healthcare Solutions recruiter to jump-start your search today!

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