Nurses: Making it a Great Day

In the healthcare field particularly, it is essential to recognize the difference between the two. “Have a good day” implies that a person does not have any control over the circumstances, whereas “make it a great day,” implies exactly the opposite.

When you work in a field full of life-changing challenges and adversity, is it possible to live by the motto “make it a great day”?

Most people think challenge and adversity go hand-in-hand. I tend to think the opposite. When I face challenges, instead of thinking of adversity, I think of opportunity.

Challenges and adversity are often difficult situations – but every situation is only what you make it.

For example: you could work with a great team of nurses, then out of nowhere the majority of them are gone and you are left with several people’s burdens. Do you sulk and complain about all the extra work you now have? Or do you take the challenge head-on and realize the opportunity you have in front of you to prove yourself as a leader?

Another example: you are an RN working in a very busy hospital. Today has the potential to be a terrible day due to high census and plenty of call-offs. Do you feed into all the negativity and stress around you? Or do you think of all the people you get to help now? Is there a learning opportunity for you based on these new patients you’re seeing? Can that positive attitude exude throughout your unit and get your supervisor’s attention?

The healthcare field is a tough one, and it can push you to your limits. Many people will complain about all the extra work, and potentially fold under the pressure. Furthermore, this negative vibe could make its way through the team, bringing down everyone and hampering the work flow.

But if you view these challenges as opportunity, you learn about your abilities, you become an even better teammate, you grow in your career and you reap the rewards of all your hard work and determination (and so do your patients!).

And best of all, you make it a great day – for yourself and everyone around you.

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