How to Recruit Nurses Despite the Shortage

The nurse shortage of recent years, caused by high levels of retiring nurses and a lack of nurse graduates, has left many hospitals in desperate need of help. While these factors can be a challenge, there are still ways to recruit talent to your facility and put you above your competitors.

  • Rev up your culture. Nurse bullying is no secret to healthcare professionals. In fact, it is probably a big reason the field has lost so many nurse graduates. As a leader in your hospital, take charge of the culture and policies in place. With anti-bullying policies, a system to recognize hard workers, written values that employees can connect with, and more, a better culture will emerge, and it will get noticed by your staff – who is sure to spread the word to their healthcare friends.
  • Use temporary staff. This lets outsiders get a taste of your organization – and if they like it, they might stick around! Not only that, this lessens the stress on permanent employees and results in better care for your patients.
  • Ensure great benefits. Nurses work hard, so pay and benefits are expected to be high. If you are low-balling, you are going to be missing the best talent in the pool. On the other hand, if you offer less pay, make up for it in training and educational opportunities for your staff.
  • Use a staffing service. Sometimes it is just plain exhausting seeking the perfect placements for your facility. Call the experts. Alliance Healthcare Solutions works with nurses and other healthcare experts every day; they have professionals on call when you have a need, or know exactly where to look for that ultra-specific opening you just can’t fill.

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