How To Find A Healthcare Position In A Saturated Market

How To Find A Healthcare Position In A Saturated Market

According to a recent LinkedIn Workforce Report, the Cleveland/Akron area is saturated with healthcare professionals. Data shows healthcare management as the number one most abundant skill in the area and nursing as the number five most abundant. With two huge areas of healthcare ranking in the top five most abundant skills in the area, it can be challenging to find a job in your desired field. There are a few ways to find a good, challenging healthcare position in a saturated market.

Reach out to your network

Tapping into your network when you are looking for a new job can be one of the most effective practices. In an area of high saturation, when a job opens it may mean tons of applicants will apply. When a company receives a lot of applicants, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. Reaching out to your professional network about possible opportunities for different career paths can help you get your foot in the door. A recommendation from an old coworker or current employee of a facility you want to work for will get your application to the top of the pile! Building a relationship with a recruiter may even pave the way for future jobs and opportunities.

Gain more experience

If you are having trouble moving up in your current company or landing a new job, you may need to enhance your resume with some additional experience. Useful experience can range from working in different sectors of healthcare to obtaining new certifications. Taking a temporary job in a new sector of healthcare will help future employers show your diversity and ability to adapt and thrive in new and different environments. Obtaining new certifications, such as a jump from LPN to RN will help set you apart from others in your field and attract employers with your advanced knowledge.

Use a recruiter

Working with a recruiter is an opportunity for you to find your dream job, with less work on your end! Especially in a saturated market, a recruiter can help get your name out to the top companies in the area and attempt to secure interviews for you. If you are experiencing trouble getting through to healthcare facilities, chances are there are recruiters with positions to fill that are just waiting for the perfect candidate! If a recruiter does not have a pending position open to fit your skill level and desires, they can reach out to their networks to help place you in an ideal company. Working with a recruiter that specializes in the healthcare field will enhance your chances of great opportunities because of the vast industry-specific network that a recruiter has.

Enhancing your skills and working with a recruiter are two ways to put you in front of new, possible employers with opportunities to advance your career. If you are looking for a skilled recruiter to find you that next golden opportunity, reach out to an Alliance Healthcare Solutions recruiter today to get started on your new career path! Search jobs HERE.

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