Are You Hiring The Right Employees For Your Healthcare Facility?

Are You Hiring The Right Employees For Your Healthcare Facility?

Hiring the most talented employees for your health care facility can be the difference between life and death, literally. Ensuring the facility is delivering the best care all starts with the workers who are directly engaged with patients. Choosing employees that are the right fit can be tricky. Follow these tips to be sure you’re hiring the most qualified talent:

Assess current employees

Before welcoming a new team member, get a good idea of what you’re already working with. Take note of what personality types fit well with your team. Notice things your team does well, and take note of areas that have potential to be improved. This will help you create a picture of an ideal new teammate. Creating an outline of necessary skills and personality traits needed to be a valuable asset to your caregiving team can help you focus your interview in a productive way. Going into an interview with this knowledge will help you ask the right questions.

Ask for referrals

Nobody knows the innerworkings of your facility quite like your employees. Make sure they are aware a position is open and what type of person you are looking to hire. They just might have the perfect person in their network. You also have the comfort of knowing right from the get-go this employee would easily get along with the team. Referrals from current employees, especially ones that love their jobs, can turn into some of the best potential employees.

Make personality a priority

In the healthcare field, skill is important and non-negotiable for new employees. At times, this leaves personality tests in the dust. It’s important to be sure your new employee will not only deliver quality care to patients, but have good bedside manner and be able to get along with other coworkers and patients. Prepare to ask various personality-based questions during at least one stage of interviews.

Conduct multiple interviews

When healthcare positions need filled, there isn’t a lot of time to waste. Though you may need a new employee ASAP, don’t risk hiring the wrong person. More than one interview can help you get a better feel for the new possible employee. This will show their flexibility and adaptation to different settings. This also allows you time to regroup and ask more insightful questions. For example, if the first interview is a phone screen, you can build on their answers to craft more insightful questions for the second interview.

Be transparent about the position

Educate potential employees on exactly what will be expected of them in the position. All expectations should be clearly stated and discussed, especially for a position as crucial as a healthcare worker. Clear communication is key to a great employee-management relationship. If you set the tone this way from the first interaction with a potential employee, it will ensure all of their values line up with those of the company and they are a good fit for your team.

Hiring qualified talent that is also a perfect culture fit is possible when following these tips. If you are interested in finding your next perfect-fit employee, contact Alliance Healthcare Solutions for any of your staffing needs.

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