The field of nursing can have hundreds of career paths when you begin to look at nurse practitioner specialties. Among these are midwife, pediatrician, anesthetist and orthopedic, to name a few. When it comes time to decide if you want to be specialized, and what to be specialized in, there are many aspects to consider.

  1. What are you interested in and comfortable with? Maybe your love of children is driving you to become specialized, or an illness close to home is encouraging a specialized career. This is the time to think about how well you do under pressure, the age group you want to work with, the pace you want to work at, etc. Whatever it is that you are excited about should help shape your path. If you aren’t sure, use your time as a student or general nurse to explore different specialty areas at work or in school.
  2. Where are these skills needed? Would you have to relocate to find a job with this specialty? Do you want to work in intensive care, a school, a delivery room? Research your local healthcare facilities and see what kind of workers they are looking for. If there isn’t much work available, you may want to reconsider your specialty or take a broader version of that specialty – such as pediatric instead of neonatal. A broader specialty will give you more wiggle room throughout your career.
  3. What salary are you looking for? Like most jobs, different specialties will have different ranges of salary. Do your research on salary in your location at different levels of experience to get a feel of what you will be making throughout your career. Sometimes the differences are small, while others will be bigger gaps.
  4. Education requirements. Take a good look at the requirements of the nurse specialty program you choose. Do you need another degree? Is it a specific certificate? How long will it take, and what are the costs? Where can you take the needed courses? Will you need to take an annual exam to stay specialized? These details will be important in your journey to specialization and throughout your career.

All nursing is a work of heart, and no matter what path you take, Alliance Healthcare Solutions is here to make sure you find a career that meets your needs. If your passion is making a positive impact on the lives of people, let us help you find your next opportunity. Search jobs HERE.

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