4 Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing Student
For all the new college hopefuls looking at a career in nursing, you’ve most likely heard about the difficult path that leads to a rewarding future. You know that nursing school will be hard, but more importantly, you should know how to prepare for it.

Here are our tips for nursing students:

 1. First and foremost, you will need to pass the Kaplan Admissions Exam or TEAS Test.  These tests determines if students have the academic abilities to even begin a nursing program and eventually acquire an RN license.

  • Buy an exam guide, like this one with practice exams, detailed answer explanations and lessons that directly prepare you from the exam.
  • Prep for these exams using designated apps on your phone, such as the one by Pocket Prep. You can study information that may appear on the test and take practice exams.
  • Make studying fun with an anatomy coloring book, like this one from Amazon, or diagnosis flashcards to help memorization.  Blank flash cards will also come in handy for your own notes.
  • Do what any college student does and get a Cliffs book.

2. Get your books. After you’ve passed the exam, get ready for school! You’ll need to get a list of your required course books (getting them used or renting from a service like Chegg.com will make this exponentially cheaper), as well as getting some books that will be of use for many years to come, such as a medical terminology dictionary and a pill encyclodpedia.

3. Get your nursing supplies. Make sure you have all of your shots updated (see the list here), get some appropriately-colored scrubs if your school doesn’t provide them, sturdy non-slip shoes and a stethoscope.

4.Have a “nurse pack” ready to go.  This should include nurse scissors, wound care tape, a nurse ruler, a suture removal kit, a flashlight, and red, black and blue pens.

Along with the typical supplies for school – new clothes, pencils, a backpack, coffee, etc. – this list should have you ready to start your journey into the world of nursing. Good luck!

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