Katrina Anderson

Senior Director of Operations

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Katrina is a seasoned professional with over 17 years of experience and a strong background in operations. As the Senior Director of Operations, she brings valuable expertise and leadership to the table. With more than 10 years of specialized experience in the healthcare industry, Katrina has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and intricacies within the field.

Born and raised in Texas, Katrina’s strong work ethic and determination have been shaped by her upbringing. When she’s not dedicating her time to her professional endeavors, Katrina cherishes every moment spent with her daughter, Evelyn. Family is a core value for her, and she actively seeks opportunities to create meaningful connections and lasting memories with loved ones.

Beyond her professional commitments and family life, Katrina finds joy in various hobbies. She has a passion for music – both listening to and playing it. In her downtime, she loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and sharing the results with family and friends.

Katrina’s dedication, extensive experience, and well-rounded personality make her a valuable asset in any professional setting. Her ability to balance leadership responsibilities with a fulfilling personal life is a testament to her exceptional organizational skills and commitment to achieving success in all aspects of her life.