We make it easy to hire and manage

reliable, top-performing healthcare staff.

Alliance Healthcare Solutions professionals possess a steadfast dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service, helping match qualified healthcare candidates with industry-leading care facilities.

It’s our first priority to provide our client’s patients with quality healthcare professionals.

We’ve built our practice on a defined set of values to make sure we never lose sight of our mission: to provide human capital solutions that lead to positive outcomes through a focus on operational excellence.

For you, this means everything we do as an organization is focused on developing the most efficient and effective ways to secure the best talent for our clients in the healthcare industry.

Full Credentialing

For all Clinical Positions

Compliance and credentialing are a critical part of your hiring process and we take that obligation very seriously. While you focus on patient care and services, we’re here to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to certify our employees for work.

Leveraging Technology

For Employer & Employee Ease

We’ve streamlined the hiring process for prospective employers and candidates by utilizing user-friendly, web-based software and online portals. Like you, we’d rather focus more on the people than the process.

Data Analytics

Drives Results

Have you ever made a decision solely based on your “gut” feel? The book Moneyball shows how data analytics revolutionized the sports world, and in the same way we’ve translated that process to the world of staffing and recruiting.

In Need of Professional Healthcare Staff?

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